Anatomy of a nursery

It has been so much fun working on this baby's room! I can't wait to find out who, exactly, will be enjoying the new surroundings. Above are some of the building blocks I used in an attempt to create a room in green and blue-green with brown accents, suitable for either a baby girl or a baby boy. We'll finish decorating the walls with art and photos after we find out who we're bringing home from the hospital, so actual photos of the finished room are still to come... stay tuned!
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Lauren said...

I love your nursery ideas. Especially, how you have the different flashcards hanging on the wire. Baby Lacher is going to be very lucky to be in such a nice nursery!

Hope you're doing well,


J & H said...

This is so you! I love it. And I guess, in retrospect to my blog post and the things you said and the fact that I love reading about the things your life is centered around currently (the pregnancy and baby), it's not all so bad to have only one thing to write about when that's your life at the time. Thanks for the notes you wrote to me. And I got my blogskin by googling "free" blogger templates. There's about a gazillion out there.


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