Thirty-eight weeks pregnant. Hard to believe that we found out about our little babe-to-be way back in early January, and I have been pregnant all year! It all went very quickly until the last couple of weeks, and now time seems to be slowing down. There's so much anticipation brewing as we wait to meet this baby and try to imagine all the ways our life is about to change. The pregnancy books are saying the baby is now fully cooked, and we are ready for him or her to arrive at any time! My sneaking suspicion, though, is that we'll be in suspense until the due date or beyond.

To fill the time between now and then since I've left my old job, I am studying and nesting! I start my last required master's class tomorrow, and have been reading ahead and planning a paper. I am stocking our extra freezer with endless homemade soups, stews, bakes, and sauces for the coming weeks when the last thing on our minds will be food preparation. I am organizing tiny baby clothes, getting the car seat inspected, and just tackling a few small things each day. I’m trying to power-walk this baby out into the world. I'm balancing the to-do list with some time to rest, relax, and enjoy these last few weeks of quiet life with just Todd and me. After a very fun road-trip and guest-filled summer, it is wonderful to have a sort of "enforced" slower pace and is actually lovely to be staying close to home for a little while. We have been lingering particularly long over our morning coffee these days, and have enjoyed some fabulous dinner dates. Next up is spicy Thai and then spicy Indian in the hopes that it will jump-start labor soon…!

To help pass the time, a final round of belly documentation courtesy of a patient husband and our tripod.


Lauren said...

Hey Anna,
You look great. I hope these next two weeks fly by for you. Being a mom is such a wonderful experience

Joanna said...

YEA!!! Praying for you guys today at the Wilkinson home out in MO! Let me know how the ultrasound turns out!!!
love you guys!

Into Memories Photography said...

My advice if you would like to help things along...take long warm baths. Not only are they delightful in the obvious sense, they sometimes can be a help to bring baby home!


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