The Graduate

Todd is finished with his M.S. in Cultural Foundations of Education from Syracuse University! It feels like such a milestone for us, since one or both of us have been taking grad classes in some form or other since the spring of 2006. Moving back to central New York two and a half years ago was in large part because we found grad programs at S.U., and now here we are.

I have been amazed at Todd's diligence, focus, and even disposition as he juggled working for his company, taking classes, and keeping all of his family and social relationships close. All of that, and he has managed to help me keep my sanity through my own "adventures" in grad school! He's been a truly wonderful partner through the craziness of the last couple of years and I only hope I was able to provide him with as much support as he has given me. I think that despite the madness, I will always look back fondly on this time in our lives - this odyssey has included many evening paper-writing crises that we talked each other through, many late-night trips to the grocery store after we'd been too busy to stock our shelves, and meet-ups on campus for coffee and a chat when our class schedules overlapped that always remind me of similar times in undergrad! Two years ago we thought we'd be in caps and gowns together for graduation, but thanks to a canceled class offered a year behind schedule (a big disappointment) and now our baby on the way (the biggest blessing!), it will take me a little longer to wrap up.

We celebrated Todd's graduation with absolutely the most wonderful weekend. His parents, two brothers and their families, and my whole family spent the weekend together attending convocation, having a big party at our house on a beautiful spring day, and celebrating Mother's Day together. It meant the world to us both to have everyone travel in for the festivities, and reminded us how even in adulthood, it takes a community of family, friends, and loving support to help us on the way to achieving our goals. Both of our parents have lent their energy to us through the last couple of years in amazing ways - home-cooked meals for the freezer and picking up produce from the farmers' market when we were too busy to go, helping us with house projects that would otherwise have gone by the wayside, and offering restful places for us to escape to.

Now, as a reward for all that hard work, my boy gets some of his free time back and has a long, enjoyable summer ahead of him.


The Svoboda Family said...

Congratulations Todd! You should be very proud...and relieved!!! Isn't it such a great feeling to be DONE?!!! And Anna...don't you will get yours done too. Even with the new baby. It might take some time (four kids and five years later i finally finished mine last may!) Thankfully I had a great support system...and thankfully you do too!!! I'll even take a few turns with baby duty while you hammer out a few classes (I'll do anything to get my hands on another little one right?!)
Anna you look great by the way. We have to meet up soon...with cameras in tow...I'll teach you whatever I know...and try to point you in the right direction to someone who can teach you the stuff I don't know (I still have a lot to learn myself my dear!) It'll be fun to learn together. Talk soon!


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