Mother's Day

I wouldn't be who I am today without the beautiful little boy who made me a mom!

This year as a new mom, I have more respect than ever for the wonderful mothers in my life.  New moms need advice, humor, empathy, commiseration, and celebration from other moms, and I am so thankful that I've gotten that from some pretty fabulous people during my first year as a parent - supportive and funny friends, a warm and generous mother-in-law, two loving and wise sisters-in-law...

The three ladies pictured with me below are among the best moms of all time - my sister, my own mom, and my Grandma. Some of the most important lessons I've learned about becoming a parent have been taught to me by their example.

I wasn't able to join them in celebrating Mother's Day at my sister's this year, but I was there in spirit!



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