Little things

Winter is long.  It's the little things that brighten a long stretch of bleak days.

Before we had kids, Todd and I liked to kill some time on a lazy Saturday with a leisurely drive on empty roads under the winter sun, picking our favorite farmhouses and views along the way, an impromptu browse through an antiques store, followed by a stop off for some kind of treat. Life looks very different these days, but some of our favorite pre-child things to do are even more fun now that we have Eli. At least the treat part was!

Our favorite local home-made ice cream haunt, Kimberly's, is an even sweeter guilty pleasure in the winter. It has other hand-crafted sweets as well, and especially for this healthy food family, there is nothing quite like a kid in a candy store.  

Surprise (ice cream? at snack time!), confusion (what are these things behind the glass?), and delight (non-stop, expressive mmmms) were the order of the day. 



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