The Everyday Beauty Project

I love photography. I've been inspired by both friends and strangers, and I have a Nikon slung around my neck at some point nearly every day. I also enjoy reading a lot of different kinds of writing, and I've especially loved following Lindsey Mead's blog, A Design So Vast, and her writing as it is featured on other sites. She spends a lot of time reflecting on some of my favorite subjects: time, parenthood, mystery, friendship, presence, and practicing attentiveness to her life. She writes often about the fleeting nature of time, and she feels its passage as acutely as I do.

I have found that one of the ways I practice presence in my own life is by capturing what I find beautiful with a camera.  It is a different way of seeing.  It helps guide my eyes - and my consciousness - to the beauty found in my everyday life.  My life may be small in the scale of the universe, but it is full of ephemeral light, interesting faces, intriguing textures and beautiful messes.  Taking pictures is also a kind of magic, I tell my children - it is a way that I can freeze time.

Inspired by Lindsey Mead and Aiden Donnelly Rowley's "The Here Year," a writing project that examines presence by focusing on a new topic monthly, and with a creative shove courtesy of reading The Creative Mama and following Ginger Unzueta's Joy Project, I am working this year on a personal photography project. Although I take hundreds of images each month, photographing with a purpose as part of a personal discipline is new to me,.

The Everyday Beauty Project. Put simply, I am working to cultivate presence and be attentive to beauty in all the forms that I encounter it in my everyday life, examining a new theme each month, through images.  Approximately weekly, I will share an image or series of images on that idea.

September is home.

Our summer of many back-to-back road trips, family visits, house guests, and beach days is over.  That is always bittersweet. But as I watch my son and daughter relax into the comfort of a more predictable rhythm and the cozy security they feel at home, I feel the sweet.



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