Warmth 3:3, Bath time

In November, I'm exploring warmth. You can read more about my photos for the Everyday Beauty project here.

Our kids used to use "their" tub in the hallway bathroom, but more often than not these days they like to have their shared bath in our big soaking tub.  It's true that there is more space in it for their rapidly elongating bodies.  But I'd envisioned it surrounded by bath salts and candles for a serene end-of-day solo ritual - I was certain I wouldn't need to share that space since there was another perfectly serviceable tub down the hall!  Now, after I drain my kids' bubbles, their cars, cups and boats remain until the next scrubbing.

They are still delighted with shared bath time, and I know that won't last forever. In the meantime, I tuck away the sound of their bubbling belly laughs, the look of their clothes discarded haphazardly across the tile floor, the lean limbs of my skinny 5-year-old, my daughter's rounded toddler belly, the way they attempt peaceable solutions to disagreements over toy swiping and splashing, the scent of Burt's Bees on them when I lift them out and wrap them up to dry.  So often, I wish I could freeze time.  There is just so much beauty.



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