Warmth 3:5, Snow and hot chocolate

In November, I'm exploring warmth. You can read more about my photos for the Everyday Beauty project here.

The first snow of the season is always magical, and magic is one of the things I like to focus on during this mothering-small-children phase of my life. When I keep my heart open to what is magical about this season, there is no shortage of beauty in even the most everyday of things.

This year, our first snow was just before the welcome break from work and school routines that Thanksgiving weekend brings.  As a child growing up in snowy central New York, my mom would warm us up after a frigid morning playing outdoors with hot chocolate, of course. Suiting up with these two and de-layering afterward (wet clothes spread everywhere to dry) is kind of a production, but we all enjoy the hot chocolate part!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!



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