Ritual 4:1 Give thanks

In December, I'm exploring ritual. You can read more about my photos for the Everyday Beauty project here.

We alternate Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations in PA and NY.  This year, we celebrated Thanksgiving at my husband's family's home, right nearby. As always, it was a beautiful day with great food and a house full of laughing and energetic kids (eight kids ranging in age from 2 1/2 to 10). I was inconsistent in my role as the unofficial photographer of the day, and neglected to get any images of all the grandchildren together or any of my kids with their grandparents (oops). Sometimes, setting down the camera does mean getting to experience the day in a different way, and that I don't regret.

I have been working to practice attentiveness to the everyday blessings in my life, being grateful for the many small joys and easily missed beauties in an "ordinary" day.  I love that we ritualize this noticing along with a harvest feast, at a time when we are slowing down to a more contemplative winter rhythm.

My spotty camera use on Thanksgiving still tells the story of my biggest loves - my family, both the little one and the bigger one.



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