Ritual 4:3 Christmas baking

In December, I'm exploring ritual. You can read more about my photos for the Everyday Beauty project here.

Our family loves to work in the kitchen together prepping our holiday favorites, and I love that we make the same recipes I grew up helping with in my mother's kitchen.  I am not the most patient of executive chefs when I'm working with assistants of the five-and-under variety, what with the wayward egg cracks and flour sifting that could cover a small country.  I have to practice deep breathing sometimes to manage my response to the mess. But, their enthusiasm for baking tasks is indomitable. And then contagious. The smell of cocoa and sugar, butter and milk on the stove, the sound of the hand mixer as we work on cheesecake, the stained-red fingertips from the cherries on top of the no-bake cookies... it does feel like a gift to be on the mama side of this ritual with my own children.

Merry Christmas, friends!



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